Phil Stamp First Day Covers
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About Us

I started to produce our unique covers during the time of the 2000 Stamp Exhibition at Earls Court, London. The first available issue was on 16 January 2001 for the Royal Mail stamps 'Hopes For The Future'. Since then we have produced covers for all of the GB special stamps. Starting with the GB 'Circus' issue in 2002, I now produce the handmade covers in both colour and the 'Classic' black and white versions.

The cartoon illustrations complement the associated stamps in a light-hearted, humorous way. Phil was originally drawn by the cartoonist J. Edward Oliver whose work had regularly featured in Buster comic. Now Hunt Emerson takes up the baton and continues to keep Phil in the picture.

~ Steve Oliver

J.Edward Oliver Xu Denym Hunt Emerson and friend
J. Edward Oliver (1942-2007) Xu Denym Hunt Emerson